The employees of the administrative department are pleased to serve the residents of our great community in a myriad of ways. Although many of these services are intangible in nature, they are nevertheless an essential component to effective delivery of local government services.

The administrative department, at its core, functions primarily as the centralized head of all municipal governmental activity, departmental operation, and interaction with external entities. As such, its ultimate goal is to ensure the delivery of citywide services to the residents of Shrewsbury in the most efficacious, equitable and cost-effective manner.

The administrative department is subdivided into several divisions. These include a Licensing Department, a Building and Housing Department and the City Clerk’s office. As the licensing department, all permits and licenses (i.e. business licenses, liquor licenses, vending licenses) are reviewed, processed and issued on an annualized basis. The building and housing department handles all matters relating to the review and issuance of occupancy permits, building permits, plumbing permits and mechanical permits. This division also handles matters pertaining to property violations, zoning and land use. The City Clerk’s office serves as the custodian of records, and is responsible of a number of duties, including maintaining all ordinances, resolutions and proclamations, keeping a record of proceedings for the various boards and committees, and maintaining record systems to expedite data retrieval citywide.

In addition to these duties, the administrative department serves as the operational arm for a number of city boards, committees, and quasi-governmental entities such as the Board of Aldermen, the Plan Commission, the Board of Adjustment, and the Shrewsbury Improvement Corporation. The department also effectively functions as the economic development division and public relations division of the City. Finally, it manages all citywide programs such as the sewer lateral program, floodplain management, and grant procurement.

The Administrative Department is pleased to serve the residents of the City of Shrewsbury and is committed to the effective delivery of all citywide services.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at city hall.



Jonathan D. Greever
Director of Administration
City of Shrewsbury
Phone: 314-647-5795
Fax: 314-647-1811

Additional Contacts:

Building and Housing Acting Building Official


Matt Stoll

Accounts Payable /

Licensing Coordinator


Sue Burke

Building and Housing Inspector


Matt Stoll

Building and Housing Clerk


Evelyn Schindler

Assistant Director of Administration / City Clerk


Elliot Brown