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The Parks Department tries to keep the web page as current as possible.  Prices and information may be different than what is listed on the website.  Your browser may have to be refreshed to get the updated information.  Please call 314-647-1003 to confirm prices and information. 


The Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation Department is committed to offering you the best facilities and services we can as we are safely allowed to do so.


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The Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation Department provide a source of pride for our community. Our department manages several facilities indoors and outdoors. We oversee the City Center which includes 5 meeting rooms, a Grand Ballroom, gymnasium, as well as a weight room.Our four City parks include walking trails, pavilions, athletic fields tennis courts and a family aquatic center.

Chris Buck, 
Parks & Recreation Director

In addition to the facilities the Shrewsbury Parks and Recreation department hosts a variety of events including our Annual Fall Festival, and Summer Park Parties. Our staff provides a wide variety of programs suitable for all ages and abilities, from our adult day trips to our community theater and range of fitness classes.

Mission Statement

The Shrewsbury Parks & Recreation Department will provide well rounded, quality programs and significant resources by anticipating and responding to customer needs, while enhancing the sense of a close, safe community for all current and future participants.

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Chris Buck -Director of Parks and Recreation

314-647-1003 ext 217



Lauren Mayer - Recreation Supervisor

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Patrick Myers - Recreation Supervisor

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Beth Parker - Horticulturalist