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Our roots in Shrewsbury are multi-generational with a progressive spirit.

Shrewsbury thrives on the cohesiveness of family, friends and businesses working together to provide a community filled with pride.

Take the time to visit us in Shrewsbury. Stroll through our parks, visit our businesses and experience the community.

You’ll be glad you did!




2016 Shrewsbury Residental Leaf Vacuuming Service


Fire Dept. Rolls Out STARS Program


Street Repairs Updates and Schedule


The Center at Kenrick



  • January 10th: Board of Aldermen Regular Meeting 6:30 pm
  • January 24th: Board of Aldermen Work Session 6:00 pm

   2017 Bulk Trash Pickup

  • January 16
  • April 17
  • July 17
  • October 16

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